Common Errors in PCB Work

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Common Errors in PCB Work

Postby liuliying » Wed Mar 13, 2019 6:14 am

Common errors in schematic diagrams
1) ERC report pin has no access signal:
A. I/O attributes are defined for pins when encapsulation is created.
B. When creating or placing components, different grid attributes are modified and pins are not connected to wires.
C. When creating components, the pin direction is reversed and must be connected to the non-pin name end.
D. The most common reason is the lack of Engineering documents, which is the most common mistake for beginners.
2) Components run outside the drawing boundary: Components are not created in the drawing center of the component library.
3) The created network table of engineering files can only be partially transferred into pcb: when netlist is generated, it is not selected as global.
4) Don't use annotate when using components that you create with multiple components.

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