Six Methods to Reduce the Defect Rate of Automotive Electronic PCB

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Six Methods to Reduce the Defect Rate of Automotive Electronic PCB

Postby liuliying » Tue Mar 26, 2019 6:07 am

The automotive electronics market is the third major application area of PCB after computers and communications. With the development of automobile from traditional mechanical products to intellectualized, informationized and Mechatronic high-tech products, electronic technology has been widely used in automobiles, including engine system, chassis system, safety system, information system and in-car environment system. The automobile market has obviously become another bright spot in the electronic consumer market. The development of automobile electronics has naturally led to the development of PCB for automobiles.

Nowadays, PCB for automobile occupies an important position among the key application objects of PCB. However, due to the special working environment, safety and high current requirements of automobiles, they require higher reliability and environmental adaptability of PCB, involving a wide range of PCB technology types, which is a challenge for PCB enterprises, and for manufacturers who want to open up the automotive PCB market, they need to do more understanding and analysis of the new market.

PCB for automobiles emphasizes high reliability and low DPPM. Does our company have the accumulation of technology and experience in high reliability manufacturing? Is it consistent with the future direction of product development? In terms of process control, can we do it well according to the requirements of TS16949? Has low DPPM been achieved? All of these need to be carefully evaluated. Blind entry of this attractive cake will do harm to the enterprise itself.
Following are some typical practices of some automotive PCB enterprises which specialize in the production of automotive PCB in the testing process, which can be referred to by PCB colleagues.

Secondary test method

Some PCB manufacturers adopt the "secondary test method" to improve the rate of defect plate found by the first high voltage electrical breakdown.

Anti-dull Testing System for Bad Board

More and more PCB manufacturers have installed "good board marking system" and "bad board error-proof box" in the light board tester to effectively avoid human leakage. The good board marking system identifies the tested PASS boards for the tester, which can effectively prevent the tested boards or bad boards from flowing into the hands of customers. In the process of testing, when the PASS board is tested, the test system outputs the signal that the box opens. On the contrary, when the bad board is tested, the box closes, so that the operator can place the tested circuit board correctly.

Establishment of PPm Quality System

At present, the quality system of PPm (Partspermillion, millionth defect rate) has been widely used in PCB manufacturers. Among many companies, Hitachi ChemICal in Singapore is the most valuable reference for its application and achievements. In this factory, more than 20 people are specially responsible for the statistical analysis of online PCB quality abnormalities and PCB quality abnormalities returns. SPC production process statistical analysis method is used to classify each defective plate and each defective plate returned, and then statistical analysis is carried out. Combined with Micro-slicing and other auxiliary tools, which manufacturing process produces defective and defective plate is analyzed. According to the statistical data results, purposefully solve the problems in the process.

Comparative test method

Some customers use two different brands of PCB to test in different batches, and track the PPm situation of the corresponding batches, so as to understand the performance of the two kinds of testers, so as to select better performance testers to test PCB for automobiles.

Improving test parameters

Select higher test parameters to strictly detect such PCBs. Because, if higher voltage and threshold are chosen, the detection rate of PCB defective plate can be improved by increasing the number of high voltage leakage reading. For example, a large Taiwanese-funded PCB enterprise in Suzhou uses 300V, 30M and 20Euro to test PCB for automobiles.

Periodic calibration test machine parameters

After long-term operation of the tester, the internal resistance and other related test parameters will be deviated. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly adjust the machine parameters to ensure the accuracy of the test parameters. In a considerable part of large PCB enterprises, the testing equipment maintains and adjusts the internal performance parameters half a year or a year. Pursuing "zero defect" automotive PCB has always been the direction of the majority of PCB people. However, due to the restrictions of process equipment, raw materials and other aspects, the top 100 PCB companies in the world are still exploring ways to reduce PPm.
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Re: Six Methods to Reduce the Defect Rate of Automotive Electronic PCB

Postby pcbindex1 » Wed Apr 03, 2019 5:16 am

Before routing, you should make an analysis of the design and carefully set the tools and, which will make the design meet standards more.
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Re: Six Methods to Reduce the Defect Rate of Automotive Electronic PCB

Postby tripathiankush » Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:45 am

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