Cable and Wiring techniques

Course Description

This training Cable and Wiring techniques provides an introduction to the wire harness manufacturing process.
The training Cable and Wiring techniques begins by explaining the basic functions of the wire harness. It clearly demonstrates the entire fabrication process, including:

  • drawings and specification review;
  • wire preparation (cutting, stripping and tinning);
  • shaping the harness;
  • wire termination processes (soldering and crimping);
  • securing the harness;
  • inspection,
  • testing,
  • quality assurance standards;
  • shipping;
  • installation
  • and safety considerations.

All the topics covered are backed by practical work; whilst quality and simple test procedures are also outlined. At the end of the course each student will have acquired the skills and knowledge to prepare cables for use in harness assemblies. This is a three (3) day course.


At the conclusion of the Course, students must complete acceptable workmanship samples. Students who successfully complete the hands-on project are awarded an ETECH Certification valid for two (2) years. For students who have previously achieved their ETECH Certification within the last two years a relevant Recertification course/training is available.

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