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IPC J-STD-001 Certified Standards Expert (CSE)

Der Certified Standards Expert (CSE) ist ein Fachexperte, der über ein hohes Maß an Wissen und Verständnis für einen bestimmten IPC-Standard oder eine Gruppe von Standards verfügt.

Das CSE-Zertifizierungsprogramm startet am 22. April 2019.

What is an IPC Certified Standards Expert?

  • The Certified Standards Expert (CSE) is a subject matter professional with a high level of knowledge and understanding of a specific IPC standard or group of standards. The role of the Certified Standards Expert may vary by organization, but the CSE will be able to:
    • Act as a subject matter expert for their organization, answering standard related questions, providing support to various levels of the organization, and, interpreting the standard for their organization.
    • Judge organizational conflicts in opinion of a viewed condition.
    • Act as the intermediary between the organization and IPC staff and/or industry experts on standards questions.
    • Update the organization on the latest standards and best practices from industry.
    • Provide feedback to standards committees on updates to the process for inclusion in the standards.
    • Interface with designers and process engineers to develop assembly processes.
  • The Certified Standards Expert (CSE) program is divided into two levels:
    • Certified Standards Expert (CSE)
    • Senior Standards Expert (SCSE)

What does the CSE certify?

  • The CSE program confirms that an individual has demonstrated the level of knowledge and understanding required to act as a subject matter expert for a specific IPC standard including:
  • The IPC Certified Standards Expert (CSE) possesses the ability to:
    • Navigate the IPC standard quickly and efficiently
    • Identify relevant sections of the standard to address specific questions
    • Act as a subject matter expert on all matters related to the standard
    • Apply the standard to specific company needs

How does this certification differ from the IPC Certified IPC Trainer (CIT)?

  • The CIT program is designed for classroom instructors. It confirms that an individual has the technical and pedagogical knowledge and skills required to train individuals in the IPC Certified IPC Specialist (CIS) program.
  • A CIT must host at least one IPC course per calendar year.
  • A Certified Standards Expert (CSE) is not required to train.

Who can provide the IPC CSE training program?

  • The IPC CSE training program must be conducted by an MIT that is, at the time of the training, certified as a Master IPC trainer in the specific standard being taught.

Who can offer the IPC Certified Standards Experts (CSE) certification

  • Only IPC Training Centers may offer training and testing for the IPC Certified Standards Experts (CSE) certification.

How is the IPC Certified Standards Expert (CSE) exam structured?

  • Candidates for CSE certification must successfully complete three exams:
    • The Enhanced Policy and Procedures Exam
    • General Knowledge Exam
    • Standard Endorsement Exam

What is the General Knowledge Exam?

  • This exam assesses an individual’s knowledge of the following areas:
    • Component Identification
    • General Terms and Definitions
    • Order of Precedence
    • Document Handling
    • Classification
    • Measurements, Units, and Applications
    • Definition of Requirements
    • Appendixes
    • Requirements Flowdown
    • Health and Safety
    • Personnel Proficiency
    • Acceptance Requirements
    • Assembly Requirements
  • The General Knowledge Exam is a closed-book test with 30 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must complete the exam within 1-hour

What is the Standard Endorsement Exam?

  • The Standard Endorsement Exam assesses a test candidate’s understanding of a specific standard. The test candidate selects the standard at the time of registration.
  • Exam questions focus on:
    • Comprehension of standard content
    • Structure of the standard
    • Ability of locate information in the standard
  • The Standard Specific exam is an open-book test with 70 multiple-choice questions. Candidates must complete the exam within 2.5 hours

What are endorsements and when do they expire?

  • Each standard to which a CSE certifies is called an endorsement. Endorsements are specific areas in which an individual is certified. In the case of the CSE, each endorsement represents specific standards to which an individual is certified.
  • Certified Standards Experts must obtain at least one endorsement to earn their CSE certification but may obtain as many additional endorsements as they chose.
  • Endorsements do not have a separate expiration date. Since endorsements are attached to a certification, all endorsements to a certification expire on the same date as the initial certification regardless of when the endorsement was added to the CSE certificate.

When a current CSE recertifies, does this automatically extend the expiration dates of all endorsements?

  • Yes. Current CSEs that recertify, prior to their certification expiration date, automatically extend the expiration date of all endorsements.
  • Since endorsements are attached to a certification, all endorsements to a certification expire on the same date as the initial certification regardless of when the endorsement was added to the CSE certificate. When a certification is extended through the recertification process, then all endorsements are also extended.

For how long is the CSE certification valid?

  • The certification expires two years from the date on which the individual successfully earned their certification by completing all requirements.
  • There are no extensions for the certification expiration date.

What is a Senior Certified Standards Expert?

  • A Senior Certified Standards Expert possesses the same knowledge, skills, and abilities as a Certified Standards Expert.
  • A Senior Certified Standards Expert must possess extensive knowledge in the IPC standards development process, the use of IPC standards, and the application of IPC Standards in the electronics industry.

What are the requirements to earn a Senior Certified Standards Expert (SCSE) credential?

        • Possess a current CSE certification.
        • Hold at least three active CSE certification endorsements, submit application and pay the application fee.
          • As part of the application, the individual must:
            • Submit a resume detailing 10 years of experience in the electronics industry in a role that utilizes IPC standards regularly.
            • Submit a letter from current employer on letterhead identifying their current role, length of time in the role, and how their role utilizes IPC standards. If self-employed, a candidate may submit a personal statement on their company’s letterhead providing a description of the current role, the type of work done by their company, and how they utilize IPC standards.


Zertifizierung: 5 Tage inkl Prüfung

Rezertifizierung: 2 Tage inkl Prüfung

Challenge test: 3,5 Stunden nur Prüfung



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