ESD training

ESD measurements (practical)

ESD prevention measures have become a real “must” for everyone who comes in contact with electronics and electronic products. Each company has different processes, and thus will require a different combination of ESD prevention measures for an optimal ESD control program. Lees meer >>

ESD for ESD-coordinator (Advanced)

Many companies in the electronics industry think they have a lot of control over ESD issues, but who determines whether the preventative measures taken are enough? This training (ESD for ESD Coordinators) has been specifically developed for anyone involved in Lees meer >>

ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel

The training ESD Control for Non-Manufacturing Personnel is tailor-made for all the non-technical personnel who travel through electronic production areas. This training program explains and demonstrates exactly what ESD is, what causes it, and how to prevent damage to valuable electronic components. Lees meer >>

ESD Control for Material Handlers

This training is specifically targeted to eliminate ESD damage during component receiving, assembly transportation, and shipping. No longer do material handlers need to learn from programs designed for operators and technicians – training that doesn’t address their exact needs. This program, produced Lees meer >>