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IPC is a global association that continually develops and publishes the world’s most widely used quality standards for electronic production of bare boards plus circuit board assembling and soldering.

ETECH-trainingen, IPC’s Training Center in The Netherlands, organizes and invites you to informative and entertaining seminars in Eindhoven, Netherlands. The seminars have been very much appreciated by thousands of attendees active in the electronic hardware production chain in many European countries.

We have a variety of speakers and workshops. Lars-Olof Wallin (IPC European Representative) will guide you through the world of IPC and the IPC standards with his already famous two days seminar. Our next speaker really doesn’t need any introduction. ETECH-trainingen is proud to announce that we have contracted Bob Willis as a guest speaker. Bob will provide two workshops and you will have the opportunity to ask industry or job specific questions. This time we have also a seminar about CAD Librarymanagement (IPC-7351) and the impact of IPC standards on the PCB design. The seminar will be provided by Richard Prent. But we didn’t forgot the cable and wire assemblies. Jan Saris will guide you through the world of design, fabrication and quality aspects of cable and wire assemblies.

All seminars will give interesting and useful information for everyone working within electronic production such as bare board and circuit board manufacturers, electronic designers, production managers and technicians, purchasers, quality engineers, etc.

The seminar of Lars Wallin en Bob Willis will be held in English. All other seminars are in Dutch.

For more details about timetable and detailed programs of our speakers, please visit our website or


DATE:                        September 21 and 22, 2016.

PLACE:                      Conference Center High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

AGENDA:                   Please see attachment

REGISTRATION:        By e-mail to or phone +31 (0)45-7112390

LAST REG. DAY:        September 12, 2016


The number of places is limited so please register as soon as possible.


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Ramon Essers

Managing Director