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Modern Electronic Industries are obliged managing an “ESD-Control Program” as an integral but logical part of a complete quality program.

The International ESD Standards IEC 61340-5-1 & 61340-5-2 and ANSI ESD S20.20 state: ESD Training is an essential part of an ESD control program in order to ensure that the personnel involved understand the equipment and procedures they are to use in order to be in compliance with the ESD control program plan.

ESD Training is also essential in raising awareness and understanding of ESD issues. Without ESD training, personnel are often a major source of ESD risk. In fact, without an active ESD-Training-Program personnel put themselves and their customers products at risk.With ESD training, they become an effective first line of defence against ESD damage.

Relevant structured ESD training or courses must be provided for all personnel who handle, specify, procure, design, specify or determine ESDS aspect in any way, including supervisors and managers.

Special emphasis should be placed on training of personnel who are to undertake field work. Subcontractors, cleaners and temporary personnel need to receive awareness or appropriate training for their activities.

Visitors must be made aware of your local ESD handling procedures, ESD training is necessary!

Personnel need to be trained to employ effectively the materials, equipment and procedures provided in accordance with this technical report and to understand why electrostatic precautionsare needed in order to have an effective ESD secured safety process.

ETECH-trainingen operates worldwide and provides you with the right ESD-tools & Solutions, ESD-products and ESD-information as well as advice and counseling on “ESD-safe” implementation within specific environments according to ESD-Standards like the ESDA – JEDEC – ANSI – IEC – MIL – AEC STANDARDS.

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