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ETECH-trainingen is the leading training center for IPC training in Europe.

Our IPC trainers are trained and qualified to expertly guide your staff in achieving their IPC certificates.

The goals of the IPC Professional Training and Certification Programs are to:

  • Provide a standardized set of industry developed, recognized, approved and traceable training programs to enhance understanding and appropriate application of criteria in the standard(s) specific to each course of instruction.
  • Provide an understanding of accept/reject criteria to enhance an individual’s motivation and ability to consistently and correctly apply the criteria in the applicable standards.
  • Teach methods and processes to help improve an individual’s skills and ability to achieve acceptable workmanship.
  • Teach methods and techniques how to use, navigate, locate and to apply the criteria contained in the applicable standard(s) to the appropriate class or classes of production.

IPC’s training and certification programs are developed by and through consensus of industry, including but not limited to members of IPC and many others such as representatives from academia, government agencies, original equipment manufacturers (OEM), electronic manufacturing service companies (EMS) and circuit board manufacturing companies, and are used worldwide.

Participation in any IPC training and certification program is voluntary. Membership in IPC is not required for use of any IPC Training and Certification Program; however IPC member companies enjoy discount on the cost of training materials. Training consistency and program integrity is maintained by establishing certification criteria and control on all levels of the program through industry consensus and the use of standardized training materials.

For the very best IPC training with the cheapest price, call ETECH-trainingen on +31 (0) 45 711 23 90.

IPC standards and training explained.
IPC is a global organisation developing international quality standards and training courses for the electronics industry.

There are five industry-developed and approved IPC certificated courses.
The five IPC certificated courses are:

Investing in the knowledge and skills of your employees? Check out the online training brochure which training best suits your goals / needs. This can be found among others in our online training brochure: - Overview of the IPC training - Other information (program, teaching materials, time) - Overview of the most popular training courses

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