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Component Identification according to IPC-DRM-18

Knowing how to accurately identify components is critical for people working in the electronics assembly industry

Many things can cause an electronic component on a circuit board to fail. Sometimes the component is defective. Occasionally the soldered connections are made incorrectly. But a lot of the time component failures are due to improper component identification – meaning an incorrect component is mistakenly attached to the circuit board, or the correct component is attached with an improper orientation.

In the electronics and electrical industry, it is necessary that all staff should have a basic understanding of the most common components found in this industry. During the course components identification you will learn to recognize the different components and names.

This training is based on the IPC-DRM-18H Reference Guide.
The Component Identification Training & Reference Guide is a valuable tool for employee training and quick reference.

The training starts by explaining the function of active and passive electronic components, the basics of conventional (Through-hole) and surface mount assembly processes, bill of Materials (BOM) list, schematic symbols, markings, orientation and polarity. During the training the key components are covered including: Through-hole resistors, capacitors, diodes, potentiometers, pin grid arrays, IC sockets, DIPs, SIPs, transistors, LEDs, inductors, filters, fuses, switches, relays, crystals, voltage regulators, headers and jumpers. Also covers SMT component types (QFPs, PLCCs, rectangular chips, MELFs, SOICs, molded tantalum capacitors, SOTs, DPAKs), leadless components, QFNs, DFNs, LGAs, CCGAs and BGAs. Introduces resistor, capacitor and inductor values and tolerances.


Certification: (Nederlands) 2 dagen exclusief examen (optie)

Recertification: (Nederlands) 0.5 dag exclusief examen (optie)

Challenge test: (Nederlands) 1 uur examen

Course materials

Each participant will receive a summary of the training. Optional: IPC-DRM-18 book (additional charge)


Modules Title Duration
Module 1 Introduction - Terminology Content of the module: - Function Component - Active vs. Passive - THT vs. SMD - Axial and radial components - SMD with and without leads - Pitch - Lead free - Polarity Recognition
Module 2 Through-hole content of the module: - Short explanation functioning of various components - Component symbols - Markings of the components - Values of components - ESD sensitivity
Module 3 SMD (Surface Mount Device) content of the module: - Short explanation functioning of various components - Component symbols - Markings of the components - Values of components - Recognize Different housings and name - Recognize Polarity - ESD sensitivity
Module 4 Practice
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