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ESD Control for IT and Electronics Service Technicians

ESD Control for people who work on electronic equipment after it's manufactured

Designed to teach ESD Control techniques for people who work on electronic equipment after it’s manufactured. The trainingĀ ESD Control for IT and Electronics Service TechniciansĀ is targeted to those highly skilled technicians in service centers and in the field, as well as the IT professionals who work on computers, servers and routers. This educational program explains and demonstrates the physics of ESD, ESD prevention through proper packaging and handling, static producing materials and activities, clothing considerations, personal grounding, ESD safe work areas and ESD field service kits.


Certification: 4 hours exclusive exam (optional)

Recertification: 2 hours exclusive exam (optional)

Challenge test: 0,5 day only exam

Course materials

Each participant will receive a summary of the training


Modules Title Duration
Module 1 What is static electricity? content of the module: Introduction Explaining the various directives Causes of charging (triboelectric series)
Module 2 Effects of static electricity content of the module: Definition of ESD Damage caused by ESD Awareness of ESD issues
Module 3 An ESD safe area (EPA) content of the module: Definition of an EPA Symbols used for identifying a EPA What do we mean by an EPA? Procedures and rules within the EPA Explanation of personal protective equipment (clothing, wrist band, floor, etc.) Symbols and marks
Module 4 Packaging Materials Content of the module: Primary function of packaging Storage and handling of ESD sensitive products Transporting ESD sensitive products
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