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The IPC-A-620C optional hands-on training for CIT

The IPC- A-620C optional hands-on training has been developed to help users become familiar with the basics of cable and wire harness fabrication.

The Hands-on module is optional for the CIT and CIS. If a CIT wishes to teach the hands-on projects, the CIT would need to complete the extra, 1-day course and complete all the requirements of the projects.

The CIS hands-on training is modular and can be applied to the individual, modular sections of the CIS training. The CIS candidate would need to complete the lecture/discrimination module for his or her certification. Then the CIS candidate would complete only the portion of the hands-on project that applies to the learned material.


Certification: 1 day including exam

Recertification: 0,5 day including exam

Challenge test: 0,5 day exam

Course materials


Modules Title Duration
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