The “ESD Auditor” course is a two (2) days training course intended for Auditors who will perform internal ESD audits (first party) or conduct audits by organizations on their external providers and other external interested parties (second party).
This course is generally offered once a quarter for both initial certification and recertification and is limited to six people per class!

Before enrolling in the initial ESD auditor training course, the student must have knowledge about the fundamentals of an ESD control program.
We recommend to follow the ESD Coordinator/ESD Control Program Manager training course prior to the ESD Auditor training.
During the training we will use the following basic documents:

  • IEC 61340
  • ANSI/ESD S20.20
  • ISO 19011

This training is meant for everyone who is involved in the implementation and maintaining ESD audits such as:

  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Inspectors
  • Auditors
On site training

If you are looking at training several people and a way to reduce the time out of the office, travel and addition expense of sending people to a class, then On-Site Training may be for you.

ETECH Training offers all training course either at our Training Centers or On-Site at your facility. Please Contact our Business Support Team for details on student quantity and material discounts.

If you have 4 or more attendees or you would like to host an open enrollment class in your area/country, please Contact our Business Support Team for your personal discount.

What you’ll learn

  • Basics and guidelines
  • Short explanation IEC-61340, ANSI/ESD S20.20 and ISO 19011 guidelines
  • Relationship between audit and ESD protection
  • Differences between ESD coordinator and ESD Auditor
  • Purpose And Content Of ISO 19011
  • The 7 Principles of auditing
  • Competence and personal requirements for the auditor
  • ESD Standards & regulations
  • Overview of important ESD standards
  • Preparing, planning, conducting an ESD audit
  • General ESD checklist
  • Preparing final audit report
  • ESD Audit measurement technology (practical)


Standard duration of the ESD-Auditor training is 2 days

Validity of the Certificate

The certification term for all ETECH Training programs are 2 years. This is also according to ISO 9001:2015 paragraph 7.2.
The certification term begins on the date a candidate successfully completes all the program’s minimum certification requirements.
Certifications only reflect the expiration month and year. Certifications expire the last day of the expiration month, regardless of the day of the month the certification was granted.

Certification Renewal Period

All certification renewals may only occur within six calendar months prior to the expiration of an existing certification. When a Certificant renews their certification within 6 months of the certification expiration date, the renewed certification will be valid for an additional 2 years from the expiration date of their currently held certification.
If you would like to recertify there are two routes available for you:

  • Recertification course