Expert Soldering Engineer (ESE)

Course Description

ETECH’s Expert Soldering Engineer (ESE) is a one (1) day hands-on course for anyone who needs to demonstrate his/her advanced hand soldering skills. Every student needs to demonstrates good practice skills applicable to hand soldering. Participants shall assemble, solder and inspect the following components completely independently within a time limit:

  • 2x resistor 1206 (SMD)
  • 2x resistor 0805 (SMD)
  • 2x resistor 0603 (SMD)
  • 5x resistor 0402 (SMD)
  • 5x resistor 0201 (SMD)
  • 2x resistor / diode MELF 1206 (SMD)
  • 1x SOIC (SMD)
  • 2x SOT 23 (SMD)
  • 1x D-pack (SMD)
  • 1x QFP 44 (SMD)
  • 1x QFP 100 (SMD)
  • 2x LQFP 120 (SMD)
  • 2x QFP 208 (SMD)

The soldering must be done according to IPC J-STD-001H class 3 and the PCA is checked according to the IPC-A-610H class 3.

The trainer (officially certified IPC trainer) checks the work of the participants. Participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% to succeed.  The score is kept by means of a form.



At the conclusion of the Course, students must complete acceptable workmanship samples. Students who successfully complete the hands-on project are awarded an ETECH Certification valid for two (2) years. For students who have previously achieved their ETECH Certification within the last two years a relevant Recertification course/training is available.

On site training

If you are looking at training several people and a way to reduce the time out of the office, travel and addition expense of sending people to a class, then On-Site Training may be for you.

ETECH Training offers all training course either at our Training Centers or On-Site at your facility. Please Contact our Business Support Team for details on student quantity and material discounts.

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